The Forgotten Heroes of Einland

The Discovery of the Tomb

(was run during the Spring of 2002)

Western Einland was a region to the west of the Volusparn Sea which was made up mostly of rolling grass prairies and forests, with numerous cities and towns sprinkled throughout.  Most notable is the city of Drackmire which was at one point devastated by wildmages, the new ruling class then outlawed magics of all kinds within the city's walls.

A young sorceress named Xanaphina was imprisoned, where she befriended the thief Faile and both were soon rescued by a virtuous group of paladins, lead by Axion, seeking to eliminate injustices against humanity within the walls of Drackmire.  They fled to the nearby town of Ashcroft only to discover that a blight had befallen the town and the local priest had gone missing.  Suspicious signs pointed to the well out back of the priest's house, where the group discovered a hidden tomb built for forgotten heroes.  It appeared that most of the heroes had died in battle, and many were now risen from the dead.  The group ventured further into the tomb and eventually discovered a secret meeting between a Lich, a Wraith, and a Balor.  Valuing their plot over anything else, and fearing that the old heroes had somehow risen from the dead to stop them, the Wraith fled north, the Lich fled South, and the Balor fled to the east. 

The party follows the wraith (the restless spirit of the Paladin Ceril) north to the abandoned town of Fairweather, where they battle ghosts and eventually put the wraith's spirit to rest.

The lich is actually the priest of Ashcroft, Doringal (Brightworth) and was defeated at the battle of Cerillia by the paladin Axion.



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